Our Mission

QIC QFLOW (Quest For The Light Of Wisdom) aims to educate the young minds to program their brains for everlasting success and happiness. We teach them the knowledge of modern scientific research in cognitive sciences, brain- mind functioning of neuroscience and quantum principles for higher intelligence. Our mission is to present this knowledge in a very practical and easy to understand approach so that young minds can take charge and control of their brain, mind, body for a glorious life. And applying this knowledge to harbour positive brain circuits for stronger mind, for higher intellect, in accordance with quantum principles.
It’s a high time to realise that just being skillful, by themselves cannot build a happier life and a healthy society. Mental hygiene, positive thinking, compassion, kindness, forgiveness, mindfulness, emotional equilibrium, tranquility of mind, positivity deposits of nobler feelings and other eternal values are essential for the attainment of happiness and success in life.

We are committed to help young minds learn this skill in early stages of their personality development.

We believe that when we align and program our brains for stronger minds, we awaken the higher mental, emotional intelligence and wisdom. QIC aspires to always conduct its operations with passion, compassion and a heartfelt desire to transform lives, humanity and the world around.

Knowledge is Power. Higher Intelligence combined with knowledge is super power.

Quantum Intelligence Center is dedicated to improving – mental well-being to develop a healthy society, higher intellect for smarter generations, cultivating nourishing habits for peaceful society, promoting practices of meditation and consciously growing the neural networks for stronger mind; so that humanity rejoices, blesses and dignifies the higher purposes of life. Life is ever changing, progressing, improving, evolving and dynamic. Life is not static. Thus, become a contributor in this purpose of evolution of beautifying life. Build and enjoy a happier life with a healthier mind. Come and join us and feel the bliss of taking the world to great new heights.

In future, Quantum Intelligence Center research, workshops and learnings are aimed at guiding all of humanity toward realization of its full potential for quantum intelligence.

In this workshop, participants will get to know the neuroscience of brain and mind, combined with quantum principles and age-old wisdom of higher consciousness

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Quantum Intelligence Centre for the growth of Higher Intelligence and Consciousness.