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Neuroscience and ancient wisdom based education module

For Quality Life and Personality Development

Recommended For Teens/Youth (Age 9-18 years), ZOOM E-Classroom starting from 24 July, 4:00 to 5:00 PM EST, Fees – CAD $79

Facts of Modern Neuroscience integrated with values of Ancient Wisdom for Life Excellency

Intellect Development and Mind Management is a skill, a technique. This skill too should be learned and developed. Such knowledge is not imparted in any school curriculum. Our children and youth today need to know, understand and sharpen their mind, intellect and values as any other skill-set.

NEURO WELLNESS: Portal to Wellness & Personality Development

·         Neuro-wellness an E-Classroom Program- it’s applications and understanding promote holistic wellness of the participants to enhance the quality of life and shape their personality.  Making better decisions, leading an emotionally, intellectually, valuably well-balanced life lead one to live a Holistic Life.

·         Empowers youth and young minds for confidence, provides newer perspectives, direction, inspiration for quality life.

·         Neuro-Wellness program is a sincere attempt to preach and spread awareness about the fundamental truths of life, ways to attain human perfection, recognize the need to develop mind and higher intelligence.

·         E-certificate will be issued to all participants.

In this workshop, participants will get to know the mechanics of mind functioning, combined with neuroscience, quantum physics principles and age-old wisdom of higher consciousness

 E-classroom weekly themes (May subject to vary)

Human Composition

What makes human different from other species

Layers of Personality

Body, Mind and the Intellect and their functioning

Human Personality

It’s relationship with world for self development

Modern Neuroscience Perspectives

Mind, Habit formation, Perception

Empower Intellect

Greater Intellectual Strength

Mind Management

Emotional Balance and Peaceful Mind

Applications of Neuroscience

For Quality Life and Personality Development



Meditation Practices

Each session is for 1 Hour, followed by meditation and exclusive time for questions from the theme covered. Following each session, an online quiz assignment will be sent to each participant to work on and submit. This ensures participants spend some time reflecting on the knowledge covered in the session and contemplate on it to integrate its value in his/her life.

Benefits of Neuro-Wellness E-study

Neuro-Wellness is an online well-being education for children and youth. Children and youth today face physical, emotional and intellectual challenges more than ever before. Demands of competitive world, key social and emotional competencies, family compositions, busy parents, entanglements with electronic gadgets and many such internal and external pressures impact their growth and personality. This program is designed to cater and focus on such needs of our youth and children.

Current educational curriculum in schools and universities do not focus and teach such kind of transformative education.

The themes in the session are extracts of the facts and values rooted in Quantum Neuro Science and Ancient Wisdom. After completion participants should be able to assimilate the subtle knowledge and underlying principles presented to them; enabling them to apply in life and verily make better choices and decisions.

Who should enroll?

Parents/Guardians enroll their children, youth to keep them intellectually busy, who seek to improve their core strength, who are passionate to learn & improve the quality of life and keen to develop a well-grounded personality.

Recommended for Teens/Youth (Age 9-18 years)

So, are you curious and willing to experience the satisfaction and confidence that arise from learning higher values addressing the realities of life?

This is a unique opportunity for the children and youth to retreat from  routine academic studies into a practical knowledge, which will bring them clarity about life, human personality, mind and intellect. Attendees will leave this workshop having experienced powerful and profound knowledge gained for application in life ahead.

Life is challenging!  Awake & Be Mindful of carving a purposeful life, focusing energy and time on the aspects that are beneficial and significant. This wonderful program offers the inspiration necessary to live a life filled with inner strength and happiness. Make it your SKILL-SET!

Our Mission

QIC QFLOW (Quest For The Light Of Wisdom) aims to educate the young minds to program their brains for everlasting success and happiness. We teach them the knowledge of modern scientific research in cognitive sciences, brain- mind functioning of neuroscience and quantum principles for higher intelligence. Our mission is to present this knowledge in a very practical and easy to understand approach so that young minds can take charge and control of their brain, mind, body for a glorious life. And applying this knowledge to harbour positive brain circuits for stronger mind, for higher intellect, in accordance with quantum principles.


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